Wildwood Photography: Blog https://www.wildwoodphotography.com.au/blog en-us (C) Wildwood Photography lovewildwood@outlook.com (Wildwood Photography) Wed, 09 Feb 2022 11:26:00 GMT Wed, 09 Feb 2022 11:26:00 GMT Guide to our Online Galleries https://www.wildwoodphotography.com.au/blog/2022/2/guide-to-our-online-galleries I hope this little guide to our online galleries helps your online journey just that little bit easier. Scroll through these bite size videos for a run down on our online galleries, how to select & edit your favourites & how to then share with your photographer. 


Login to Online GalleryLogin to your online gallery using the link & password we gave you.

Enter Your Gallery!Hit Continue & enter your gallery.

Ways to view the images.View in the main screen or tap an image to enlarge & swipe through the images one by one. How to add to favourites.Tap the heart button to add to your favourites folder. It will prompt you to login.

Create your own account.Fill out the details to create your own account to save favourites too.

Add to your favouritesHit the heart button to continue adding to your favourites folder.

Select images & edit selection here.You can select images & view your favourites by pressing this arrow at the top left hand corner.

Another handy way to select favouritesThis is another way that you can select your favourites.

Make sure to go back to the arrow & press 'add to favourites'.

How to share with photographerAt this point you can now choose to share with photographer.

Select images & view favourites You can select images, view favourites & edit your selection from here. Another way to share with photographerTap the arrow at the left top again to choose share with photographer or edit your favourites folder.

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